Doggie Play Field

Safe and private fenced doggie playing field available for hire.

A Zen Zone for Dogs to enjoy

No more stressful walks worrying about your dog running off or other dogs or people wandering over!

Our Doggie Play Field is fully fenced (6ft high) with lots of room for them to run around, explore and be a dog.

There are things to climb, tunnels to explore, scents to smell and dedicated areas to dig!

It’s Doggie heaven!

So how does it work?


your chosen slot below from our calendar and pay. You will receive a text reminder before your slot.

Turn up

simply enter the code we send you to gain access to the Doggie Play field for 50 minutes.


a relaxed, pressure free zone for you and your dog with secure fencing, and things to explore

Where is the Doggie Play field?

At our HQ, Nosey Barker

Harlow Garden Centre

Canes Lane,



CM17 9LD

The field is around 1 acre in size, secured with 6ft fencing and will be easy to identify with our signs. 

Book your slot:

If you own an XL Bully, please read and follow these instructions before making your first booking.

Once you book you will receive an email with your access code to the field. Simply turn up at your chosen time, enter your code in the keypad and enjoy!


How does it work?

Simply select your chosen slot, book and you will receive an email with your access code to the field. We will also send you a text reminder before your slot. Simply turn up at your chosen time, enter your code in the padlock and enjoy!

What facilities are available?

The play field is a doggie playground with plenty of room to hare around but with lots of activities to interact with and explore. The 6ft fencing gives you peace of mind and the double gate system ensures you can safely pop their lead back on when it’s time to go without worrying. There is a climbing frame with grass, tunnels, and also seating for the humans to enjoy.

What is the environment like?

It’s a secluded area set a little away from the Garden Centre with few passers-by. There is sometimes noise from the miniature railway close by, general public accessing the garden centre and an occasional aeroplane added to the ‘real life’ setting. During certain seasons the farmers scarers can be heard.

How much does it cost?

The doggie play field can be hired from £11 for 50 minutes. You will have exclusive access to the secure field and play area during this time.

Can I bring my XL Bully?

Field Hire Guidelines for XL Bully Dog Owners – effective from 1st January 2024

Ensure a great experience when renting our private field for an XL Bully Dog! Here are the details:

  1. Dog requirements:
    – Registered with the Index of Exempted Dog (IED)
    – Provide a copy of the life certificate in case of a claim
    – Provide a copy of Public liability insurance certificate for the dog

    – Send these to
  2. Safety measures:
    – 1:1 dog handler ratio
    – Neutered dog in line with Government Rule
    – Microchipped
  3. Field conditions:
    – Dog on a lead and muzzled when entering and leaving
    – Lead and muzzle optional once inside the secured field
    – You will need to lock yourself into the field when you are in (a gate lock will be provided for inside)
  4. Multiple dogs:
    – More than 1 dog from the household can join, but each must have its own handler
    – Banned breed dog must have a dedicated handler
    – Another household member needed to supervise other dogs

Once we have received and reviewed your documents you can then book the field as usual. 

Click here for this information in PDF

Are you ready to book?