Reactive Dogs:

Behaviour Support for small dogs with big feelings

Does your small dog have big feelings?

Does your dog growl, bark or hide from people or dogs?

Do you avoid people and other dogs because the situation is too stressful or embarrassing?

Does your dog seem worried, anxious or overwhelmed?

Are you concerned that your dog isn’t happy or enjoying life?

Maybe you are feeling guilty because your friends and family have said it’s your fault due to you spoiling them?

Or maybe your dog has been accused of having ‘small dog syndrome?’

These are just a few signs that your dog is feeling stressed or anxious and needs some support to
improve their life…… and yours!

The great news is, I can help you!

I have shared my entire life living and working with small dogs so understand how to help them but also the struggles, frustrations and judgements you are likely experiencing.

The truth is, if your dog displays challenging behaviour, they are trying to communicate something, my job is to help you understand what’s going on so that you can get on with enjoying a beautiful life together.

For some small dogs certain situations are really overwhelming and that can lead to behavioural challenges, these are sometimes subtle and sometimes they are like an explosion.

But contrary to what you may have been told, this difficult behaviour is not because they sit on your sofa, sleep in your bed, or you love them too much!

And the good news is the problems you are experiencing CAN be improved and often completely modified by using a holistic, kind and science-based approach. No shouting, smacking or punishments required!

Although I love all dogs I specialise in small dogs, from teeny tiny Chihuahua’s to cocker spaniels! I share my life with 3 miniature Schnauzers and a toy poodle, I understand the struggles and judgements you face but more importantly I know how to help you and your dog.

Introducing the

Small Dog, Big Feelings Support Package

How it works:

An initial consultation to understand the challenges you are facing and devise a modification plan. This may include contacting other professionals you use such as groomers, walkers and
your vet.

A fully supported bespoke plan to follow and up to two online or in person review

I cover the following areas for in person appointments: Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, Ware,
Epping, Hoddesdon, Roydon 3 mile radius.

Small dog, big feelings support package:


Analysis of questionnaires you are initially sent to help your consultation

Where appropriate contact other professionals working with your dog such as groomer or walker

60-minute zoom consultation to understand what is happening and why and devise a modification plan

A copy of the zoom recording plus any relevant video tutorials to support your plan

Ongoing support in between sessions including analysis of short video’s to ensure you feel supported

One or two follow up sessions to review progress and adjust your modification plan

A total of 2 hours in person/zoom work across a maximum of 3 session which includes your consultation to be used within 1 month of booking

“I have no hesitation recommending Behaviour Support By Kim. Winston has come on leaps and bounds since being helped by the team there.

The advice and guidance from Kim has helped us help Winston overcome issues, mainly his annoyance about men coming into the house!

Slowly but surely we’re getting there and it’s all being done in a gentle way that my boy understands.

Thanks Kim”

“Bailey had many challenges when I first met Kim. She was our second trainer. Pulling on lead, over arousal, unable to greet dogs politely, unable to be off lead, frustration to name but a few.

Kim’s approach to training made me look at the bigger picture, getting the balance right, meeting Bailey’s needs and reading his body language along with other hands on training elements. Kim understood Bailey where other trainers didn’t.

Kim’s training, guidance and support has been invaluable and it has enabled me to live my life the way I wanted to with my dog.

I can now walk nicely down a street, enjoy off lead freedom on the beach, chill out in a cafe or pub with Bailey at my feet and much, much more.

Thank you Kim.”

Get the Small Dog, Big Feelings Support Package:


Initial Questionnaire

60 Minute Zoom Consultation

Bespoke Plan

Copy of Zoom Consult plus video tutorials to support your plan

Ongoing support in between sessions inc. analysis of short video

One or two follow up sessions to review progress/adjust plan

(this package includes a total of 2 hours in person/zoom work across a maximum of 3 session which includes your consultation to be used within 1 month of booking e.g. 60 minutes, 30 mins, 30 mins)